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PRIVACY: This site does not track you or store cookies on your computer. We do not ask for or record your e-mail address.

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CONTACT: If you use the comments form and submit your e-mail address it will only be kept to reply to you if required and thereafter deleted.

No e-mail address is posted on this site as all that does is generate more spam. Sorry, please use the form.

GRAPHICS: The graphics used in the cartoons consist mainly of rendered images. These images use a large variety of 3D & 2D graphics that were originally created by digital artists who sell or give away their work for commercial use. They retain the copyright in the original work. Please do not distribute the graphics from this site, it is NOT free to use.

FICTION: All cartoons on this site are fictional and not based on real characters or situations. All the names were randomly chosen and do not refer to real people.